Faction server started
Author: Dreigas Date: 2013/03/16

Faction server started new season. Like and always from previous season half of donated GC on this server was returned to web accounts.


Good luck in new season and lets battles begins!

Server is ready for new season!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2013/03/16

Are you ready for new season? Today our faction server will start new season after 6 month battles. Fresh meat is comming!

Server start will be today 11AM(GMT+2), left only some hours!

Half of donated GC from previous season returned back to web accounts!

New Faction season this Saturday!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2013/03/14


From last Faction server passed half year and it's pretty much. This Saturday (2013 03 16) 11AM (GMT+2) faction server will start his new season.

Like and always, we will return half of donated gc to web accounts.

Lets ready for battles!


New L2Java 5000x season!!!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2012/11/16

We wish to notice, what L2Java 5000x server succesfully stared his new season!!!

Lets battles begins!


New L2java session today 6PM!!!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2012/11/16

Are you ready for new L2Java.com session, which will start today 6PM (GMT +2)?

Half of of GC from previous session was returned to web accounts, check it out!

New battles begins!

L2Java 5000x server WIPE this Friday!!!
Author: Dreigas Date: 2012/11/14

We would like to inform that the time has come for L2Java 5000x server WIPE, new battles will start this Friday (2012 11 16) 6PM (GMT +2).

We are glad that during the time L2Java server has existed, video clips have been and will be created about the game - the game in our server! And we all can enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=L2Java

Currently you can still watch latest seasion L2Java server statistic: http://l2java.com/statistic/5000x/

Don't forget, what you will get half of donated GC from previuos session back yo tou web account!

Soon will be more news!!!